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The Speaking Out Loud is a platform for all the new writers and amateurs who desire to speak their thoughts and pen down their ideas through the Write For Us program.

To write for us kindly mail your write-ups in a word file (.doc/ .docx) at [email protected]. The article/write-up needs to have images with the text matter as it enhances the content and provides better context to the reader. The images must be attached separately to the mail (do not include in the word file) and send with the subject line: Article for TSOL <Followed by the Blog Title>

Include a short writer’s/author’s bio with your blog/website link affiliated to the keyword/phrase.

The write-up must abide by the guidelines mentioned below.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

  1. The content must be at least 1,000 words.
  2. When you write for us, the content must be 100% unique.
  3. Currently, we are accepting articles in the following topics:
    1. Places to travel
    2. Food & Beverages
    3. Entertainment
    4. Reviews of movies, web series, literature work and pop-culture.
    5. Recipes
  4. The category must be mentioned in the word file.
  5. The editor at The Speaking Out Loud holds the rights to edit/revise the content according to the needs and demands of the website. You (the author) gives The Speaking Out Loud your 100% consent to do the same.
  6. The article once published on The Speaking Out Loud shall be exclusive. It means the same write-up or parts of the write-up shall not be published anywhere else including your (the writer) blog/website.
  7. The content has to be proofread and must be grammatically 100% correct. An article with too many grammatical errors shall be rejected straightaway and a revision by the writer needs to be amended for the sake of publication.
  8. The content will undergo a plagiarism test and it must be 100% plagiarism-free, then the entire piece shall be disallowed. Kindly ensure the same before sharing the article.
  9. The article submitted shall be credited to the writer, even though the backlink (nofollow) is mentioned of the company’s website.
  10. The article submitted shall take up to 2 days to undergo proofreading and plagiarism test and another 2 days to be published on the website. Follow-up emails shall be entertained post 4 days of the submission.
  11. As mentioned earlier, the author bio shall get only one nofollow link to their website.
  12. The posting of the blog is free of cost.
  13. The content, including, but not limited to posts/articles/videos once published on shall be wholly owned by The Speaking Out Loud.
  14. Posts with any sign of hatred towards a particular place, cuisine, source of entertainment and piece of art or pop-culture shall be not at all entertained and the author/ the organization of the author shall be banned from future postings at The Speaking Out Loud

Privileges of being an Author at The Speaking Out Loud with Write For Us program:

  1. Build your profile/portfolio.
  2. Get your work published at one of the most upcoming online magazines.
  3. Get yourself a reader base in your area of writing interests.
  4. Recognition of various social media channels.
  5. An opportunity to get an affiliation with a brand.

To get enrolled on the Author’s Panel:

  1. An author shall be added on The Speaking Out Loud only if the author abides by the guidelines mentioned above.
  2. No age barrier. If you can write, you can be an author.
  3. No language barrier. The author can publish his/her work in the choice of their language; however, the script must be followed religiously. And the text must in the specific script itself.
  4. To be considered as an author, the writer must submit at least six articles in a month, for a minimum of 3 months. So, an author must submit a minimum of 18 articles within a span of 90 days.
  5. The Author profile shall be added only of the person who writes the article.
  6. If the author is writing on behalf of any organization, then the employee shall be credited as the author and not the organization. In case, the employee quits his/her job, then the company/organization, as well as the writer shall lose all of its Author privileges at The Speaking Out Loud, and the profile of the author and the organization shall be expelled from the Author’s panel. However, the author’s bio with the link in the posts published shall remain untouched. Unless the post does not amend by the guidelines.
  7. An Author can have only one profile affiliated to a single organization only. Although, a maximum of two (no-follow) links to two different websites can be added in the profile.
  8. The author shall not be paid anything for the content published on The Speaking Out Loud. The work can surely be added in the portfolio under the section: Work at The Speaking Out Loud
  9. If an author fails to deliver 6 posts in a month for two consecutive months, then the author shall be expelled from the panel. However, the posts/content published cannot be withdrawn. The content, including, but not limited to posts/articles/videos once published on shall be wholly owned by The Speaking Out Loud.
  10. The author can share the publish content on his or her social media with a hyperlink to the relevant post/page(s) of
  11. The evaluation of every author shall be done on a quarterly basis where the performance of his/her posts shall be tallied. If the performance is weak, then serious action might be taken including expulsion from the panel.
  12. A new category shall be generated for the author of his/her interest if he/she abides by the guidelines and all the above points after the quarterly review.

Write for Us: Free Guest Blog

Guest blogs can be submitted once a week. The guidelines are mentioned above. As of now, we provide only no-follow links at zero charges.

The Speaking Out Loud holds the rights to disallow, delete, edit and change any matter of the blog. The decision by the management at The Speaking Out Loud is final and no further debates shall be entertained.

The terms and conditions of Write for Us programme can be amended without any prior notice.

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