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About Us

Speaking Out Loud is an online magazine created by Vatsal Vora for the sole purpose of making the activity of reading more engaging and connecting to like-minded people who go through the same things every day.

“Reading is a lost trait in this mighty social world.”

So, when you write, you tend to read your work and develop a skill of reading. And, when you start reading, the mind starts working without any sorts of intoxication. So, read, write, speak and share.

Why Speaking Out Loud?

Well, we all have a lot to say, some write it in their journal, while others confess to their best friend(s) or God. For us (team), we believe that best friends exist only in theories and God already knows everything. So, we are here to give you a platform to speak out loudly about anything and everything you ever wanted to talk about.

What is Speaking Out Loud?

Speaking Out Loud is an online publication which not only publishes facts, views, opinions, and events but also gives a voice to the wallflowers of the society. Understanding that we live in a world where the pen is mightier than the sword; we filter out words and speak only what is music to the other people. Yet, all the truth is hidden deep beneath our skin and it runs in the veins, rotting the mind with the classic concept of overthinking.

Human mind relates more to what it reads rather than what it hears, yet, when reading and listening occur together, the impression is stronger than that of vision. So, read to what we are saying. And say what you wish, someone should hear.


• To make Speaking Out Loud people’s voice, where one can write and speak fluently without any consciousness about people.
• Speaking Out Loud is a stand-up stage for young-amateur writers who are seeking a platform to voice their opinions and beliefs.
• This is a place for keen writers having flair for wit and penning down some unorthodox observations.


• To be amongst the topmost online magazines in the world.
• Give a stage to the wallflowers of society, so, no teenager has to be on anti-depression pills.
• We are building a team of Loudspeakers whose voice shall be read and then heard.

Core Values

We function ethically, without any prejudice and hold pride in our work.

• If the struggle is real, then the work must be ethical.
• There is no wrong way to do the right thing. Hence, results are more important than the method.
• Keeping work and life result oriented rather than reason oriented because, in the end, there is always a solution.

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