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The longest affair anyone has ever had is with food, and beverages do not always mean tea, coffee, beer or whiskey.

Those flavours busting in the mouth, the joy of experiencing pure love in the most delicious format can never be wrong.

Read about foodies journey from being an often eater to a full-time muncher. For one of the best food blogs in India, keep reading!

Along with food, we are fascinated with drinks. Beer places, classic cocktails, and cheaply priced alcohol is what motivates us to work from Mondays to Fridays, and drink up on the weekends.

Best pav bhaji in Mumbai cover

Best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai

Just like any city in the world, Mumbai offers several delicacies ranging from street food to some of the most iconic fine dine restaurants in the world. Though infamous for its fine dine, the streets of Mumbai have...

Cover Image of Blog - Classic Monsoon Food Combinations

Classic Monsoon Food Combinations

With the start of monsoon season, the timer starts ticking for all the comfort food in this world and its combinations. It doesn’t matter whether you are a health-conscious, fitness freak who completely avoids junk and...

Beer in Mumbai

Beer in Mumbai

Sundays are what we live for, waking up late after a night full of fun and relaxing with hands behind the head and analyzing the contours of the past week. Well, this is how I start my Sundays, lying on the bed and just...

Food at All Stir Fry

Best Asian Restaurants in Mumbai

15 Best Asian Restaurants in Mumbai Whoever has said, “Food is Life” knew what he meant. For years I have been seeking the meaning of this statement, yet never realized it until recently. Food gives us warmth, pleasure...

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