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Beer in Mumbai

Sundays are what we live for, waking up late after a night full of fun and relaxing with hands behind the head and analyzing the contours of the past week. Well, this is how I start my Sundays, lying on the bed and just thinking no longer than 5 minutes, but, thinking clearly with a sound mind. And, suddenly, I had an idea to write about different places for beer in Mumbai.

Why Sunday Afternoon Beer in Mumbai?

However blissful Sunday mornings might seem, it tends to get boring post-lunch. The day seems off unless there is a sport telecasted or a family get-together. All week we feel like having a nap in the afternoon at work, yet, we don’t because there is a lot on the plate. Nonetheless, throughout the entire week, we think about taking an afternoon nap on Sunday, yet we never do, call it the fear of missing Sunday or a routine that doesn’t allow our eyes to shut. So, technically Sunday afternoon seems boring.

The idea to write this blog, or rather let people know about the places for a Sunday afternoon beer in Mumbai is to make the most of these boring afternoons; revitalize the body and mind to provide enough energy to get through the coming week. Beer on Sunday afternoon in Mumbai is an excellent idea as it allows you to connect with your friends (whom you have longed the entire week to see); besides, gives a reason to get out of the house and chill. Plus, the best party on a Sunday is the sun-downer, get drunk from afternoon to evening, go home in the night, sleep and wake up with a fresh face on Monday morning.

  1. The Irish House

The Irish House is at various places across Mumbai, yet the most famous and significant ones are in Kala Ghoda, Lower Parel and Andheri (W).

It’s a fair place to hang out with friends on a Sunday afternoon. The bar is always open. It offers some of the best cocktails in Mumbai. Along with an excellent collection of beers like Beck’s, Hoegaarden, Stella and Bira on the tap, with, of course, India’s favourite, Kingfisher.

The Irish House, Lower Parel

The Irish House is perhaps, the only pub in the city that serves Guinness beer in Mumbai. It never fails to impress with its rustic Irish décor curated in traditional Irish green colour with wooden furniture and bar counter. The ambience is lit with mild yellow lights that set the tone for relaxation. The eye-catchers at The Irish House are the quotes and phrases written on the staff’s uniforms and graphitized on the walls. One of the copies that read on the barman’s uniform is: “Free Beer Tomorrow!”

For food, my personal recommendation is Fish and Chips and Mushroom Tikka. The Irish House has their happy hours every day from 5 PM – 8 PM where all alcohol & cocktails are one plus one.

  1. Socials

[Social] is located at various places across the city; started the first outlet in Colaba – 400 001. The signature notions of Social Offline are the hashtags used for everything and the pin code of that particular Social which is painted in the regional language at the entrance and printed on the staff’s uniforms. The concept is unique, this makes the identification of that Social quite easy on ‘Social Media’.

As mentioned earlier, Colaba Social is 400 001, Todi Mills Social is 400 013 and Khar Social is 400 052. Sometimes, as a reference, people actually communicate by their pin code, for e.g. a friend of mine said, “I’m at Social 400001!” For me it was an invention of a new phrase, just like, “Facebook me!”

Todi Mills Social, Lower Parel

“Social Offline” – Yes, it’s the brand name, alias Social. It’s an excellent place for an afternoon beer in Mumbai. Accompanied by continuous live screenings at all the outlets with considerably fair priced alcohol, compared to its competitors.

The rusty décor, fancy furniture and quirky lights make Social Offline a cool hangout spot with friends. Tables are easily available on Sunday afternoons and the service is prompt. The peculiarity doesn’t end here; the food is actually served in tiffin-like aluminium serve ware.

Alcohol is reasonable, and do not miss out on their signature Long Island Iced Tea, it is fantabulous.

  1. Flea Bazaar Café

Ever wondered what would a food court with a bar feel like?

You guessed it right. Flea Bazaar Café in Kamala Mills, Lower Parel is a food court with a bar. The food options are unlimited with kitchens like Goila Butter Chicken, The Bohri Kitchen, Tundey Kebabs and Wow China are placed right next to each other. Plus, there’s a bonus, the bar is by Social Offline! Flea Bazaar Café is literally a dream place for a foodie who adores drinking.

Flea Bazaar Cafe, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel
Flea Bazaar Cafe, Kamala Mills

The décor is modern, funkier and pop with seating depicting all the pubs across the globe. They have booths as seen in the United States, High Chairs as observed in Ireland, classic tables for 4 on the 4 sides as placed in the United Kingdom and metal chairs with wooden tables as found mostly at any bar in India. The presence of colourful LED bulbs and faint yellow + white light creates a relaxing aura resembling a pop-culture bar that is a mix of the 80s and 90s. Does seem like a perfect place to kick off the boring Sunday afternoons, doesn’t it?

  1. Verbena

Verbena is not supposed to be on this list as it is a perfect place for a Sunday brunch. However, the extension of brunch can be full-filled here with a couple of drinks to let the time pass and chill with friends.

Verbena, Kamala Mills
Source: Wow Venue

Verbena is in the same location a Flea Bazaar Café, just three flight of stairs extra.

The place is neatly ornamented with elite pieces of art that makes the place cosy giving a homely feeling with a touch of elegance. The place has ample of sunlight as it has a glass dome covering, allowing you to experience a joyfulness of outdoor seating with air conditioning. The dining looks somewhat like Herbology class from the pop-fiction Harry Potter.

The food served is excellent. The drinks seem a tad overpriced but the service and atmosphere do make up for the same. Verbena is just the perfect place to hang out on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

  1. Pop Tate’s

Pop Tate’s is an American-themed café style restaurant that has been beer in Mumbai for some time now. The happy hours are from 2:27 PM to 7:27 PM where domestic alcohol is served one plus one. Is there a need to explain why Pop Tate’s is a good place for a Sunday afternoon beer?

The décor resembles the nostalgia of an American café in the 50s and 60s. Famous Hollywood movies’ posters like Casablanca, On the Waterfront, The Godfather, F.R.I.E.N.D.S etc. are framed neatly and hung on the walls, adding charm to the place.

Pop Tates, Mumbai

Pop Tate’s is one of the cheapest places in Mumbai for alcohol. It is located across the city at various locations like Vikhroli, Mulund, Powai, Kurla, Thane etc., majorly in the central suburbs where people need to have a relaxing evening.

The food is just above average as Pop Tate’s caters to a middle-class audience who like their food to be tasty and spicy; basically, any cuisines with an Indian twist. Paneer Schezwan and Chicken Chilly are must-try. For the main course, you can opt for pizza or sizzlers.

Whenever I’m low on budget, Pop Tate’s is a happy-to-go place. Plus, they have a full bar.

  1. Café Mondegar

Café Mondegar is an American-themed café in Colaba, right next to Regal Cinema. The show stoppers of this place are the wall caricatures and the vintage jukebox which has tracks from every era. Listen to The Beatles, sing along with Axel Rose (Guns N’ Roses), enter the universe of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), shout at the top of your lungs to Summer of ’69 and visit the psychedelic universe of Pink Floyd. The list goes on and on.

The charges for jukebox are minimal as Rs. 50 for 3 songs. And the jukebox has over 150 songs covering music from the 50s to as recent as 2019. Although the songs are pop, rock, rock n roll, R&B etc. But, the ambience created transposes you to a matrix far away from the city of Mumbai; whilst you are sipping beer in the heart of Mumbai.

Café Mondegar is one of those places where you can do nonsense with your friends, talk out loud, sing (shout) to the jukebox and there is no one who is going to judge you, no matter how regular of a customer you are.

Cafe Mondegar - Serves only wine and beer in Mumbai

Now, talking about alcohol and food, the prices are completely justified; although, Café Mondegar only serves beer and wine, and on the tap, they have only Kingfisher Draught. As the place caters to a lot of foreigners, a huge variety of international beers like Hoegaarden, Stella and Beck’s are available.

The food is just eccentric. Must-try items are Mushroom Sautéed in Olive Oil, Spaghetti in Arrabiata Sauce, Pasta Bolognese and Hamburger (Buffalo Beef). The food is excellent with an unusual consistency; the taste isn’t consistent, it’s the element of surprise that is consistent. A go-to place for every mood and twice when you feel sad or depressed.

  1. Leopold Café

Located right next to Café Mondegar. Leopold Café is one of the places that were one of the targets of the Terrorist Attacks of 26/11.

The bullet marks can still be seen on the walls even after the place has been refurbished and running smoothly. The décor is a mix of Pop Tate’s and Café Mondegar. The walls are similar to Pop Tate’s, quotes from famous Hollywood films are framed or posters are dangled along the surface of the wall. And the furniture and ambience are similar to Café Mondegar. Located on the same street in Colaba Causeway, Leopold Café is a favourite hangout spot amongst foreigners visiting Mumbai looking to relax with a pint of beer. A common practice you can see here is old mates catching up after long weeks. Some laughter, some plans and lots of fun. Sounds just a perfect Sunday, doesn’t it?

Leopold Cafe, Colaba - Serves only wine and beer in Mumbai

Leopold Café doesn’t have servings from the tap, although, beer can be ordered pint by pint. The only alcohol available is beer. The food is quite nice with an authentic touch of the long-living legacy of the American cuisine in India.

Leopold Café has been preserving the American culture very well in India. The Coca-Cola ad banners are still the same as they were in the initial years when Coca-Cola entered the Indian market. And, associated itself with Leopold Café for advertising.

  1. Candies

Candies is the only place on this list that is a café and serves beer. The place has a limited menu with a wide variety of cuisines curated from different countries’ cafes and delis.

Located at multiple locations in Bandra; Candies is a favourite hangout spot amongst the youth in Mumbai. Since beer is not served to the audience below 21 in Mumbai, this practice is religiously followed at Candies. Nevertheless, it is a chic place to sit around, chill with friends and keep on sipping mocktails.

Candies Cafe, Bandra

As for a place for an afternoon beer on a Sunday, it is just perfect. Candies cater to two types of crowds throughout the week: Teenagers and families on the weekdays and friends and couples on the weekends. Yes, it’s one of those places that gives you different feeling on different days at different times. Definitely a place for Sunday afternoon beer.

The décor is rustic with pop effect. However, the show stopper is the food. Their menu is excellent with some of the coolest and quirkiest dishes Mumbai has ever seen, with the regulars. So, if you are planning to go to Candies, don’t plan, just go.

  1. The Bar Stock Exchange

We all have a dream, a dream of trading in the Stock Market while consuming alcohol, especially to those who are reading this article about different beer places in Mumbai.

Bar Stock Exchange is the place where you can actually trade in alcohol and make a profit. Profit in terms of savings on alcohol.

The concept is really simple, a screen running in the bar displaying the current prices of the serving and serviceability. The bar runs on the simplest and most effective tool of microeconomics – demand and supply. If the demand for a particular brand of alcohol is high, then the prices are high. And, if the demand is low then even a peg Johnnie Walker’s Red Label can be ordered at Rs. 200. Yes, it is cheaper than alcohol purchased from the wine shop as well as duty-free.

The Bar Stock Exchange
Source: Justdial

One thing that makes Bar Stock Exchange a beautiful place to hang out with your friends on a Sunday afternoon is the varied range in the pricing of the various spirits and liquors and the second thing is the concept that steals the show. The entry age is 25, however, this place is worth the wait and price.

Food is excellent, especially Amritsari Chole and Kulcha and fries are a must-try.

  1. Smaaash

A bowling alley, some arcade games and the most difficult penalty shootout against a robot; this the synopsis of activities at Smaaash. It is located in the heart of the party places in the city for corporate people, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel.

Smaaash is the best place to visit for a beer on a Sunday afternoon with your childhood buddies. Enjoy a few pints of beers while playing the same old games like power cricket, bowling, football and arcade games which made your childhood memorable and fun-tastic.

Bowling Alley at Smaaash, Kamala Mills
Source: Cleartrip

The ambience is excellent, giving a cool vibe of positivity and fun; the music is soothing and the drinks are quite reasonable. However, compared to other places on this list, the total cost per person at Smaaash is much higher as there are other activities too.

Food is considerable; I personally found the palate quite average. But, sometimes, going back to those childhood days, pulling your friend’s leg at the sport they suck at. The nostalgia of being a teenager again has to come at some cost, to be honest, I’m glad that it comes, even at a cost. Otherwise, all of us are too busy earning money all days of the week that we forget to have fun and make the most of every day.

This article has already been quite too long, so, I’ll try and keep the conclusion short.

Sunday afternoon beer with pals is always a great idea. If you have never experienced it, then you must. Have a couple of drinks, watch some television with your family and go to bed all happy and cosy because Monday asks for energy and positivity that can be patent only by spending a peaceful and happy Sunday.

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