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Shopping Markets in Mumbai

Mumbai Shopping – Top 10 Shopping Markets in Mumbai

Whenever we hear the word Mumbai, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the miraculous city where Bollywood resides. The glamour and flashes do have a hidden dark side, but more on that later. Here, we are going to talk on the bling-blang of Bollywood, and the first thing that entices us on screen: Clothes. Mumbai may not be the fashion capital of India, but there are a lot of places for a shopping spree.

Mumbai is not exactly home to a lot of designers, but, surely it is one of the biggest markets. This city has showrooms of all the major brands in the world. International brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Steve Madden and Gucci have their stores at prime locations in Mumbai. Whereas, Indian designer brands like Sabyasachi, Poonam Soni and Manish Malhotra have their boutiques which cater to a very niche audience.

Keeping all the brands and big-name aside, let’s be real. Not everyone is an Ambani, Birla or Mittal; we may adore these brands, but, cannot afford it. Nonetheless, we need clothes and we love shopping. Other than shopping fashion, Mumbai ahs several bazaars which cater to several needs of the locals as well as provide souvenirs to tourists.

This is a must-read article for tourists who are in Mumbai for a short time and don’t know what to do in one day in Mumbai.

So, here we have a list of places; rather bazaars in Mumbai that are quite popular amongst Mumbaikars and tourists for a shopping spree.

  1. Colaba Causeway

Let’s start in the southernmost area of the city. Colaba Causeway is quite popular amongst the tourists. The reason for the popularity is simple; it’s hardly a 5-minute walk from the Gateway of India.

Colaba Causeway is famous because of the nature of businesses on the street. On one side of the lane there are branded showrooms for the elite, whereas across the street, local vendors try to make their living by selling cheap but, quality clothes.

Colaba Causeway

If you are a tourist, then it’s a recommendation to shop from the local vendors. This shall help them make a few bucks; alongside you can take home a souvenir from the streets of Mumbai.

Other than that, you can always shop from branded showrooms in your city as well. Plus, negotiation is encouraged by local vendors. The collection of accessories and clothes with these vendors is quite limited, yet, enough to entice you.

  1. Fashion Street, Fort

Fashion Street is one of the most popular shopping markets for college students in the city. As the name suggests, the only item for shopping available is fashion i.e. clothing.

On any given day of the week; you can find a group of college-going girls on a shopping spree in this Mumbai market. The options are unlimited; the collection features fashionable clothes, majorly for females of all ages and sizes.

Fashion Street, Fort - Street Shopping in Mumbai

The location of this market is highly convenient. It’s hardly a 7-minute walk from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Churchgate station.

The same rule applies while buying anything, be it a handkerchief or a sexy one-piece; always bargain.

  1. Linking Road, Bandra

Linking Road in Bandra is very popular amongst the teenagers living in the suburbs. Along with Fashion Street, it is one of the oldest markets for a street shopping spree in Mumbai.

Although Linking Road caters to the same age group as Fashion Street, the collection various to a wide extent. The fashion choices are different, the taste of shoppers at Linking Road various a lot more; and the accessories and shoes look somewhat like they are right out of some designer’s collection. Again, bargaining is encouraged.

Linking Road, Bandra

The essence of Mumbai’s teenage fashion and sense of thinking can be easily judged when you are walking down on this shopping street.

Along with fashion and accessories, Linking Road caters some of the most delicious restaurants and local food joints. One such food joint is The Elco. It serves traditional Mumbai dishes with authentic taste.

  1. Lokhandwala, Andheri

Lokhandwala is an area in the largest suburb of Mumbai, Andheri. It does not hoard to street vendors or an array of hawkers. But it does feature an assembly of retail shops where everything related to the pop-culture is available for grabs.

The key to shop in this market is to explore it as much as you can. The exploration will allow you to discover exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t have anything in mind, then either you will be surprised or mesmerized by the collection.

Lokhandwala Market, Andheri

Lokhandwala is an excellent choice for a shopping spree as it depicts new Mumbai. Its new Mumbai and not Navi Mumbai; yes, both the contexts are relatively different. The fashion is pop, the accessories department is funky and the miscellaneous souvenirs like ashtrays are relatively fancier than other markets on this list.

  1. Bhuleshwar

If you are a Mumbaikar, then you very well know what Bhuleshwar is. But, if you are a tourist and that too from a western country; then Bhuleshwar must be on your shopping list.

Mumbai is not the cultural capital of India; no that would be Kolkata. But, Mumbai is a market for cultural and traditional wears.

This cramped street in one of the busiest areas of South Mumbai is always jam-packed with females who are out for a shopping spree either for their wedding or a relative’s.

Bhuleshwar Market

The shops and vendors on this street cum market feature some of the most intriguing and sassy collection of all the traditional wears and accessories in Mumbai. The pool of traditional Indian clothing such as Sarees, Chaniya-Choli, Ghaghra, Lehenga etc. is exquisite as this is a wholesale market. The male readers would not understand it, but, all you females; you exactly know what the feeling is when you see a blood-red Lehenga with fancy handwork and an astonishing golden border that enriches the look and feel. Yes, exactly; it’s as close to heaven as it gets.

If you are visiting Mumbai without your girlfriend or wife, and you want a souvenir for them; then my friend, Bhuleshwar is the exact place for your shopping spree. Trust me; a lady surely appreciates jewellery; especially when her man gifts it to her. The assembly of imitation jewellery is endless: bangles, rings, nose rings, and earrings are to name a few.

So, ladies, give a call to your girlfriends and shop something traditional and sassy; the festive season is upon us.

  1. Kabutar Khana, Dadar

Kabutar Khana in Dadar is an excellent place for shopping ethnic wears and traditional accessories. The market is quite popular amongst the elite-class population in Mumbai. This market is always loaded with the public from all over Mumbai. If you are seeking for classy and elegant wedding dress, then this market is the right place. The prices are comparatively higher than shops in Bhuleshwar.

Dadar market features an array of retail shops featuring a collection of complete bridal wear. Right from lingerie to lehenga, everything is available in this market. And, it’s not just a couple of shops that have this collection; there’s a line of retails which serve to customers of all the segments.

Dadar Market

Dadar market near Kabutar Khana is an excellent bazaar for a shopping spree as it is walking distance from Dadar station; one of the busiest stations of Mumbai.

To be honest, people have not yet explored the Dadar market. And, there are many stores that sell exclusive designs. These designs are very rare to find all over the world.

  1. Crawford Market

If you are looking out for random shopping spree in Mumbai; then Crawford Market is the place. You can shop for anything and everything at this bazaar. This is the cheapest market in Mumbai.

Crawford Market - Mumbai Wholesale Market

The collection consists of safety pins to travel suitcases. Crawford Market is highly popular amongst Mumbaikars as it is one of the oldest markets and the products are of the highest quality. The items sold here might seem a bit overpriced, but, you can always bargain. If a shopkeeper doesn’t negotiate, then move on to the next retailer; at least 10 shops might be hoarding the same product and one of them will lock the deal.

Crawford Market is a popular tourist attraction as well. A lot of tourists shop at this bazaar for souvenirs; the products are sassy as well as reasonably priced.

Crawford Market

The location is convenient; it’s a 10 minutes-walk from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. The market features over a thousand shops in 10 different lanes. So, you can imagine the variety of products these shops offer.

  1. Bhendi Bazaar

Bhendi Bazaar is the name given to the market on the rear side of Crawford Market. During the British rule, this area was addressed as Behind the Bazaar, hence the name: Bhendi Bazaar.

This market is a paradise for gizmos. The entire market has tech products. The collection is not limited to the expensive and high-end gadgets; but, the pool features substitute products of the most expensive popular gadgets.

Bhendi Bazaar

For tourists, this market is popular as a workshop for repairs and refurbishment of broken and damaged electronics. Spare parts of mobile phones are available on the spot and repairs related to cameras and laptops can be amended within a couple of hours at a minimal cost.

Apart from gizmos and tech; this bazaar has a lot of micro markets which hoard toys, kitchen utilities, home décor accessories and much more.

  1. APMC, Vashi

India is famous across the globe for spices. The flavour of various natural ingredients that add majestic taste to the food is the identity of India.

A lot of foreigners who visit Mumbai for exploration ask the question, “Where can we shop spices”? Well, the most common answer is Crawford Market. Yes, you can shop spices at Crawford Market or Bhendi Bazaar, nonetheless, the wholesale market of spices is in Navi Mumbai. The name of the market is APMC – Agriculture Produce Market Committee. As the name says, everything that is produced agriculturally is traded at this market.

APMC Market, Vashi - Fruit, Vegetables & Grocery Shopping market in Mumbai

Let’s be real, spices are not cheap. And, the quality of the spices depends on time; the fresher the spices are the better and stronger flavour they add to food. If you are a foodie, then a shopping spree in the APMC is mandatory. Take home some spices and cook yourself a meal which determines your trip to Mumbai; because food is one thing that makes the memory of any place last long.

  1. Zaveri Bazaar

Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai is probably the largest jewellery market in India. There are no designer jewellery showrooms, but, there are over a hundred jewellery stores which feature ethnic as well as modern ornaments in gold, silver, platinum and diamond.

Gold jewellery is sold in abundant with silver to follow. There are some brand showrooms in Zaveri Bazaar who are big players in gold jewellery. One of the biggest names here is Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri. This store was started over a century ago and it’s still growing.

As such, this market in Mumbai is not for a lazy Sunday afternoon shopping spree. As we all know that gold is very expensive, the shoppers at Zaveri Bazaar are usually shopping for a special occasion. The customers are either shopping for their daughter’s wedding or their wife.

Zaveri Bazaar

It’s a tradition in India to present gold to a bride as it embarks good luck; hence, the wedding shoppers. And, those who shop for their wife, they are either expecting to become a father or have their special anniversary such as 10th or silver jubilee coming.

The designs of the jewel sets are extraordinary. Thus, making charges are high. Nevertheless, the designs are so good, that some might even haunt you in your dreams. So, be careful even whilst window shopping; you might be hooked to the mesmerisation.

Well, this is where I end this list. Do let us know your thoughts and opinions about these markets as well as the ones that I have missed. If you have any other markets in mind and in Mumbai for a shopping spree please write in the comments below.

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