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Entertainment is the starting point of your fantasy world.

Be it a children’s fairytale or real science fiction. Entertainment is the element that keeps us alive and motivates us to get out of the bed every day. From watching movies and TV shows to listening to music in every mood. We feel happy because words mean something when the music on those words turns reality into emotions.

The wish to follow dreams and the willingness to work hard for goals. Everything is planted in our mind by movies, music, books and shows.

Even without realizing we use multiple pop-culture and literary references in our day to day life. The source of these words and thoughts are unknown, still, they make a good moment for laughter.

Read about various lists, reviews and other articles depicting the reason for the origins of pop-culture references in entertainment. So, get some brew and learn about different aspects of entertainment and how it influences our life.

Christmas Movie with White Stocking & TV

15 Christmas Movies to Watch Online

Finally, after spending almost entirely at home, 2020 is giving us some exquisite positivity during the festive season, especially Christmas. We have been praying for this year to end soon. But time passes at its own...

You Season 2 Poster

You Season 2 – Review

Review of the hit Netflix series: You Season 2 It is just something that cannot be described in words (yes, I see the irony here). Given the enumerability of thoughts after having completed the entire season 2, I doubt...

Ludo - Netflix Movie - Poster

LUDO – NETFLIX Movie Review

This article is about the review of LUDO movie. LUDO is a Hindi language Netflix Original Film. It was released on 12 November 2020, which also happens to be Diwali. The film stars an ensemble cast of Abhishek Bachchan...

Top 11 Hollywood Travel Movies Blog

Top 12 Hollywood Travel Movies

Not many would categorize me as a movie buff, but I do love watching movies. To be honest, I adore watching Hollywood travel movies. To be honest, these English travel movies do not take a toll on my brain. Having said...

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