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You Season 2 – Review

Review of the hit Netflix series: You Season 2

It is just something that cannot be described in words (yes, I see the irony here). Given the enumerability of thoughts after having completed the entire season 2, I doubt my capabilities to encapsulate them in words, but then it will not be fair if I do not even try. Let us delve right into what makers of You: Season 2 managed to pull off.

The Transformation

It was remarkable to see how Joe has left all his dreams and desires behind to be a better version of himself, Will. This transition in season 2 of You was perfectly showed on the screen to the viewers. Moving into a new place, trying to suppress the voices in his head and paranoid to keep the skeleton in the closet; all of it vanishes at the end of the first episode. The climax of 1st episode of You Season 2 reveals that nature of a person cannot be overshadowed by anything.

Joe was still in distrustful place, where he had Will held captive and whose identity he had stolen. Not only did he have to move to the new town, but also live in it.

Joe did not want to hurt Will, he just did not have it figured out and as soon as he did, he did something remarkable. Was he a bad man? Well, this question surely causes one hell of a debate. Let us just call it “reasonable” when Will says that,

Joe is a good man and he did the things that we all wish we were able to, to help and save the people we love

Overwhelming of Heart

Second, Joe/Will observes that show makers created vocals which say a lot many things. When he makes dinner for Love and she kisses him; remember, he said “I didn’t mean to make it romantic”? (or something like that).

His inner self wanted it, but he was struggling with it. Well, he did not, his brilliant acting said it. If we see Joe’s actions without considering his intentions, will that not be unfair? Why do we not hate him for what he does to people? It is simply because just like any other person his inner voice tells him. Although what he did was wrong, he has always done it to people who deserved bad, not fatal, but just evil. And many things just happened to him which he did not ask for (you must know if you have seen it properly). All I mean is that if Joe lied for good because,

you can say something you do not mean but you cannot do something you do not really want to


At last, this guy is so solved when it comes to prioritizing. In season 2 of You, we can see that he has his priority right. He knows when to put Love on hold and care about Ellie. Realizing the subjects which require his immediate attention; he was always there for them even if he had to put other things on hold. I mean if this is not good, then I do not know what is.

So, how was You Season 2?

However, if he was all that good then why he almost ends up thinking about being a bad guy; and accepting death as his punishment. All the things he has witnessed in his childhood, the hallucinations by guilt and constant desire to have someone to care and kill for. He realizes it all when he sees someone doing the same things for him. This is when he realizes the insanity; it makes sense because it was like an embodiment of self-awareness. Besides, it is the only thing that changes a person for the best. Self-awareness, just like Karma, what goes around comes around.


Season 2 of You was a masterpiece with the perfect combination of love, emotions, realization, fantasy, and reality at the same time. So, this review is from my point of view; do let me in the comments below if something is left out.

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