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Monsoon Movies To Watch

It’s that time of the year. The time when rains pour down heavily from the skies above and all we want is a comfort. Well, Western Culture and some excellent marketing skills have made the phrase quite too popular: “Netflix & Chill.” However, the concept of watching movies on a monsoon night is pretty old. Once, it was just called as movie-night. And, what is better than watching a classic or a new film on a rainy night with your partner. Yes, the feeling is immensely grateful.

Being wrapped in a blanket with your better half is something apart from the money that we thrive and strive for day and night. The warmth and security is pure relief when you realize that you are appreciated by the most important person in your life.

To honour the feeling and make the most of the beautiful thunders of monsoon; we have a list of movies to watch when it’s pouring. So, here’s a list of monsoon movies to watch while snuggling with your partner. So, grab some monsoon comfort food and binge-watch these films.

The Notebook isn’t just a film, it’s a feeling. The emotions are so pure that they melt the coldest hearts even on the darkest nights.

The Notebook is a romantic drama based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film depicts an everlasting love story of two teenagers who fall in love. The plot incepts when Allison is on a summer vacation at Seabrook Island in South Carolina. There she befriends and falls in love with Noah, a labourer. As Noah belongs to a poor family, Allison’s parents disapprove of their relationship and they leave Seabrook the next day itself.

After being apart from each other for several years, both start following their dreams. However, a turn of events takes place when Allison discovers that she is a part of Noah’s dream and work.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? However, the real twist in the tale is not even mentioned in this gist. Watch this film with your better half on a rainy night. This movie is definitely one to watch in the monsoon.

Have you ever wondered what happens when one fine day your partner doesn’t remember who you are? No, the film doesn’t feature any sort of memory loss. Yet, Clementine doesn’t remember who Joel is after they have had a rough patch in their relationship.

Both the lead actors: Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey have portrayed their respective roles marvellously. The supporting cast of Kristen Dunst, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Wilkinson do add up to the subplots and spice up the script.

A typical love story with an all-time hit ending: “Nonetheless, they are meant to be together.” The film did win Academy award for the Best Original Screenplay; in the end, all that really matters is what we watch on the screen.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of those movies to watch with your better half on a fierce monsoon evening; especially, if you have had a fight. I’m sure you’ll reconcile while the film is on. You won’t realise you’ll be kissing his/her forehead.

Movies have a different charm when they are an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel. Yes, this one too. A Walk To Remember is a tale of two teenagers who go to the same school but have two very different personalities.

The care-free, rebellious lad, Landon falls for the naïve and isolated lass, Jamie during the school play. The film focuses on the ups and downs of their relationships and how true love is something that cannot be seen, but it’s felt.

A Walk To Remember is the perfect movies to watch on a monsoon night with your better half. Realizing the importance of love, care and promises in a relationship are explained beautifully in this motion picture.

The Intern is not a romance; rather it’s a film to learn from that experience is always helpful and age doesn’t define your calibre to work.

Robert De Niro stars as the title character. He portrays the role of an intern at e-commerce based in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked for almost 40 years for Dex One, a phonebook co. and wants to continue working even after retirement. Hence, he applies for a senior citizen internship at e-commerce.

The film focuses on two major issues in the youth today. One, collect as many experiences as possible because experience always counts. This point is portrayed beautifully when a back-from-retirement man assists the young employees as a father figure. He teaches them the basics of life like love, clothing and grooming. The second point that is explained very well is that along with hard work and dedication, there has to be a work/life balance. However, this is not realized until the very last scene of this film.

As such, warmth is not required while watching this gem of a film. Yet, it’s essential to remind yourself that we learn every day and experience is never a waste.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is classic chick flick featuring the evergreen genre of a love triangle. Well, two love triangles. The first love triangle is set as the quarrel-y back story of the two male leads. The first one introduced on the screen is the chivalrous gent, Mark Darcy (Highly inspired by Mr Darcy of Pride & Prejudice). And, the other one is a modern playboy, Daniel Cleaver.

The storyline is simple; Bridget Jones maintains a journal in which she attempts to write down her feelings and activities about both the men. A classic love triangle featuring two highly qualified men: one is an international human rights lawyer and the other one is an editor of a publishing company.

Both the men quarrel and at one point literally fight to win over Bridget Jones’s heart. As usual, the female lead is in a state of confusion; whether to choose between passion and reliability. So, whom does she pick? Well, watch it with your girlfriends; alongside, smiling for the fact that there are guys fighting even for you.

Nora Ephron surely knew how to make one feel without touching the skin. Sleepless in Seattle is an all-time favourite and a perfect Valentine film. I know you are wondering; why is a valentine film on the list of monsoon movies? Well, this is one of those films that move you from the core. The film starts just like the rains, cold and sad. It builds up the tension, the drama and makes you feel the emotions.

Then, all of a sudden; there comes a lady who falls for a man from Seattle; depressed from his wife’s death due to cancer. In his attempt to get over his wife’s death, his son connects him to a radio talk show host. On the live show, he confesses that he still feels for his wife and misses her to the core. Due to this troubling thought, he is not able to sleep at night.

After listening to all the things Sam has to say about his late wife, the radio show host calls this segment Sleepless in Seattle. And, Meg Ryan falls for Tom Hanks.

This is one of the purest love stories of Hollywood. Why? The reason is that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are in the same frame just twice in the entire film, still, fall for each other. This beautiful phenomenon surely makes Sleepless in Seattle worthy to make on our list of monsoon movies.

The film was released in 1934 and was an instant hit. The film got so popular amongst artists in the global film industry that it was remade several times; twice just in Hindi Cinema. Once as Chori Chori (1956) starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis; and the second one starring Aamir Khan and Pooja Bedi – Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi (1991).

The plot gets intriguing as the story of a spoilt heiress to reunite with her gold-digger husband. On the road, she encounters a roughish reporter who is seeking a story to get his job back. Their meeting on a bus to New York City is not what either of them had planned. With multiple twists and turns, they end up falling for each other. Do they get together for a Happy Ending? Or was it just a fling? Well, you need to watch it yourself.

So, wrap a blanket on a cold monsoon night and enjoy Black & White movies at its best.

Casablanca is one of the earliest loser hero stories. The film revolves around “Rick’s Café Américain”, a pub in Casablanca, Morocco. The film is an adaptation of an unproduced stage play – “Everybody Comes To Rick’s.”

The plot revolves around two main characters – Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman). The film features several sub-plots including a refugee of the World War II, a lethally corrupt police officer and the tuning of friendship. Along with the main plot; Rick and Ilsa’s love affair.

The film shows how two long-lost lovers meet once again in tensed circumstances. Watch what happens to Rick and Ilsa’s love story as Ilsa’s husband comes into the picture. Casablanca is a tale that is must on your monsoon movies list.

Although, a Christmas movie; It’s A Wonderful Life surely suits any mood. The film was released in 1946 and has held its place ever since as one of the greatest films.

The movie focuses on the life of George Bailey who faces misfortunes throughout his life. At different stages, he faces different virtues of life. When he is about to go to college, his father dies and he has to take care of the family business.

The character of George Bailey is highly relatable as everyone faces a very similar situation in life; the moment when we feel completely broken and useless. And, curse the day we were born.

Well, just when George is about to kill himself, his guardian angel shows up and reminds him that without him everyone’s life around him would be different. Indeed, realizing that It’s A Wonderful Life.

The film teaches one simple lesson, “Hardships and struggle are part of life, but it’s our deeds what makes us or breaks us.” Do watch this movie when you are feeling sad and depressed; and not just on a monsoon night.

The Holiday is another Christmas themed movie on the list. The plot of the film is quite simple and traditional: Boy meets Girl and they fall in love. However, the screenplay and the setting aren’t that simple.

The movie features an ensemble cast of Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Eli Wallach. The two females from different countries exchange their homes with each other in order to deal with their relationship issues. However, they end up falling in love with two locals.

The film is packed with drama, intimacy, a crying-man, an experienced old-age philosopher and a happy ending. The Holiday is surely one of those movies to watch on a thundery monsoon evening. This film does bring a smile on your face; well, that’s one thing Nancy Meyers definitely knows how to do.

Titanic is one of those films which can be watched again and again several times. James Cameron did a fine job directing and writing the script of this epic saga. Titanic is one film in this world featuring all sorts of emotions on a single screen. Along with the unrealistic transformation of characters; like Jack who wins the third-class ticket to America in a “very lucky hand of poker.” Alongside, we have Rose, who liberates herself from the false elite pride when she falls for Jack.

Who can forget the beautiful fairytale-like story of Jack and Rose? Why fairytale-like? Well, the start is classic, the boy meets girl, and they fall in love. However, fortune has other plans and they don’t have Happily Ever After. Well, I guess, you already know the ending; so, no point in creating either drama or suspense.

The film features one of the most romantic songs of all time: “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion. This soundtrack got popular instantly. And, it’s a favourite amongst the radio stations even today.

Titanic is the perfect monsoon movie. The film depicts several major genres of filmmaking – romance, comedy, drama, thriller and even tragedy.

Love Per Square Foot is a Hindi language film. The film is an independent production which was released straight to the multimillion-dollar company: Netflix. The reason to feature this film on this list is quite simple. It’s a Hindi-language film starring Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar with English subtitles.

This movie is one of the first Indian language content that was available on Netflix. The story of this film revolves around two colleagues who casually apply for a couple’s loan. They are unaware of the consequences that forge upon when the loan is approved.

Love Per Square Foot features an ensemble cast of the two lead actors with Ratna Pathak Shah and Supriya Pathak Kapoor as either’s parents. It is an ideal romantic comedy which takes place in urban India to fulfil every Indian’s dream; own a house in Mumbai city.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful on-screen pair? Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams don’t just look good together; they are a perfect on-screen couple. Plus, in a romantic comedy, the story makes a pair perfect. Then it doesn’t matter who are the stars. The Vow is a wonderful film based on the true story of an American couple.

Everything was fine in the couple’s life until they met an accident on a snowy night. The male portrayed by Channing Tatum was unharmed apart from a few bruises. However, his better half, played by Rachel McAdams loses her memory; besides, not the entire memory, just the last five years of her life.

This creates a plot for drama as she doesn’t remember her husband. To make the matter worse for our hero; the girl thinks she is still engaged to her ex-fiancée. However, just like all the romantic comedies, this one too has a happy ending. But, the question here is does she regain her memory or not?

Well, for the answer, you must watch this film. And watch it with your companion. Sometimes, even on cold monsoon nights, movies can reignite the spark in the relationship.

Tom Cruise in the 90s was the best. Everybody has seen Jerry Maguire. It’s an epic, yet fictional story of a sports agent who loses his job because of his beliefs. The star performer of a sports management company manages to retain only one of his clients.

Jerry Maguire did give the pop culture many references which knowingly or unknowingly we use in our daily life. The most popular of them all is – “Show Me The Money!” along with, Ambassador of Kwan.

This is a perfect movie to watch when you feel that your career is going nowhere. Additionally, if a film stars Tom Cruise, then there must be a leading lady with a baggage of her own. And, the one client that Jerry Maguire has, won the Academy Award for the best supporting actor – Cuba Gooding Jr.

Notting Hill is a fairytale story of a book store owner in Notting Hill, England. The lead actors, Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts have their simplest forms of adversity to plain and subtle roles. The main plot revolves around the fact that a Hollywood actress falls in love with a travel book store owner.

Monsoon cannot be complete without watching Notting Hill at least once. Wrap a blanket around and hot a cup of hot chocolate as this one has all the parts of any classic chick flick. The characters meet randomly and end up falling in love as a result of a couple of occasional encounters. Then the glamorous boyfriend shows up. A long-time no-see relationship follows and then, as usual, the couple gets together.

Movies like this give us common people hope that there is someone really special out there, be it summer or monsoon. We shall find our lover soon. Just hang in.

Julia Roberts was a big name in the 90s; with a couple of excruciating hits and subtle yet, extravaganza portrayal of the character. She never made a role look too simple or too difficult. She was always comfortable under any skin. And, Pretty Woman is one of those challenging roles which changed her career forever.

Pretty Woman is a humble story of a businessman falling in love with a prostitute with a golden heart. The film has all the major emotions of a romantic motion picture. And, Richard Gere is probably one of those customers which all the sex-workers would want – “The one who rescues her.” Well, to understand this reference, you need to watch the film.

Netflix this movie on a monsoon evening and enjoy with your girlfriends or partner; because it’s based in Hollywood, “Where some dreams come true and some don’t. But, we never stop dreaming!”

From the movies on this list for a monsoon evening, you must have probably watched all but this one. Say Anything… is a 1989 romantic comedy starring John Cusack and Iona Skye. The film starts with Iona Skye and John Cusack’s graduation. The storyline revolves around the following summer. The film beautifully depicts the romance of teenagers.

Say Anything… features all the emotions of a teenage love story. However, it’s much more than just plain summer love; a daughter learns the frauds of her father’s, a young and naïve boy falls for the girl who has beauty with lots of brains.

This film definitely makes on the list of monsoon movies for sheer integrity of the late 80s and everyday teenage romance.

Serendipity literally means a happy accident. The film too makes sense, because, just like all the romantic films, even in this film, John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meet by accident and end up falling in love with each other.

Nonetheless, as the saying goes, “Too much of good stuff is hard to believe”; thus, Kate Beckinsale begins to question everything and starts assuring John Cusack that it’s a dream and not real.

Since it’s not real life and just a movie; the story jumps to a couple of years in advance. Where, both the leads are somewhat happy in their life and individual relationships. However, both of them seek out each other by the hints they remember from their only night together.

The only question is whether or not they end up together or not? Well, watch the movies on a monsoon night with a glass of wine and some crackers; because it’s a very cheesy film.

The film has gained popularity over the years. A Bollywood film, “Milenge Milenge” starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor was loosely based on Serendipity.

Kramer vs Kramer is a story of a married couple where the man’s career is heading nowhere and the wife is tired of being just a housewife and wants to have her own identity. The plot does seem quite appealing in today’s time; nevertheless, it wasn’t this simple in 1979, even in Hollywood.

The film stars icon of their era: Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. The performances were excellent by the entire cast. And, Meryl Streep even won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role.

I have talked a lot about stories and plot in this article apart from the twists and “Oh No!” moments. Yet, there isn’t anything in particular about this film that I can point out. A single aspect of this film is really difficult to judge and let you know. I’ll just say this, “Kramer vs Kramer can move the most heartless person and melt the coldest hearts.” The beautiful family drama gives you Goosebumps and makes your eyes wet at the same time.

The film centres on a custodial case between a separated couple. Kramer vs Kramer is extra-ordinary and definitely worth a watch in all the seasons, and not just the monsoon.

From the movies on this list, Life As We Know It is perhaps the most practical one. Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl portray their respective characters with simplistic flawlessness.

The film starts off as any romantic: The boy meets girl and they fight on the first date itself; being set up by their best friends who get married. Years later, they are still around, pulling each other’s leg due to common dislike. However, life has different plans for them when their best friends die in an accident.

The result is that Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl are given the custody of their 1-year old daughter. Both, their personal life and professional life is affected due to the responsibility of the little girl. And, just like any parents, or rather godparents in this case; they end up liking each other and eventually fall in love.

Life As We Know It is one of those movies to watch when you feel that life is not fair, and not just in monsoon. The reason I’m saying whenever you feel low is that God always has a plan for you. It may not be exactly what you have in mind, but, in the end, you are happy with Life and its offerings.

This article has already been too long, so, I’ll end it here. Nevertheless, the list is not yet complete and there are a lot more movies to watch. Until then, hold your partner’s hand and play one of the monsoon movies. Yes, I have missed out many films; do let me know in the comment section below. And, my following article shall include your favourites as well.

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