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Best Breakup Songs of All Time

There are several songs which touch our heart, however, only a few leave an impact on our heart and mind. In common language, we call these types of lyrical manifestations as Breakup Songs.

Pop culture has given us many songs to cherish about. However, the closest to our hearts aren’t the songs that make us dance at any time of the day. The closest are ones which have the potential to move us, give us a mood swing and overwhelm the emotions to be a saviour during the darkest times.

These breakup songs aren’t sad; on the contrary, they are the happiest songs, where the mind enters a matrix where numbers that matter is the 10-digit mobile number and the dates that matter are the first glance, the first meet, the first kiss and so on…

Why are Breakup Songs So Important?

Break up songs are important because they make us feel. It gives us a sense of direction and sets our life in motion. Good things happen, those make us happy; bad things happen, and it teaches us to treat both the virtues equally. As Rudyard Kipling wrote:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same;

Yes, that’s it. All you must do is stay focused.

Why is Music So Important?

It is a well-known fact that music helps develop a sense of concentration, increases the grasping power, and at the same time, makes us feels without the sense of sight and touch.

I believe music is important because, a person or thing may depart; but, the music stays with you forever. I have learnt to make peace with breakups and mishaps with music. Hope it helps you too.

So, I have listed 40 songs on this list which have helped me recover from some of the other agonies in my life.

Best Breakup Songs

    1. Yesterday

Artist: The Beatles
Year Recorded: 1965

Yesterday by The Beatles is written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney in 1965. The song describes the narrator’s feelings which he felt for the love of his life who brought happiness in his life and made the world seem a blissful place.

The song suggests that yesterday was so peaceful that the narrator wants to go back to yesterday. But has to face the fact that yesterday is long gone. And he must deal with today and be ready for tomorrow.

    1. Jealous

Artist: Labrinth
Year Recorded: 2014

Jealous was recorded by Labrinth in 2014. The song is packed with powerful lyrics and soulful music that is enough to melt even the coldest souls.

The song is written by McKenzie for his father who left him at a very young age. When you listen to this song, there is only one thing that comes to mind and it is that whoever has left you is now in a better place. Surely, you miss them – physically as well as emotionally, but it is done.

And now, there is only one thing that is left to do is give closure to yourself and wish the best of everything to that person.

Jealous is a breakup song that makes you cry and realize that the best thing to do is let go and hope for the best.

    1. The Rose

Artist: Bette Midler
Year Recorded: 1979

The Rose is a classic pop song by American singer-songwriter, Bette Midler featuring in the film, “The Rose”. The track was a nomination for Grammy Award for Record of the Year, 1979.

The song depicts the genres of heartbreak and the fear of falling in love again. Adding a reminder that there are many instances portraying love as bad and not for everyone. Nonetheless, be patient and let yourself fall in love once again, only then you shall realize that love is a beautiful abstract.

This breakup song ends on a beautiful note:

that after the worst time, there shall be a ray of hope and love shall find its place.

    1. I Will Follow You Into The Dark

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Year Recorded: 2015

The intention to write this song was never a breakup song, however, the intense lyrics, shrill voice and soul music just sets the tune. I Will Follow You Into The Dark is a song which not only assures a couple that “We shall be there for each other” but also ensures that the trust which they share is far beyond worldly statements and convictions.

The reason to add this song on the list of best breakup songs is to retrospect the emotions you once felt; promising your lover that no matter what happens I’ll always be there for you.

A song that gives introspective to your own words and the truth that lies within you.

    1. November Rain

Artist: Guns N’ Roses
Year Recorded: 1991

The world was a better place until Justin Bieber’s Sorry; when the best introspectively apologetic song was November Rain, I think it is still one of the best breakup songs with melodies that gives you an insight into the affairs of relationships.

The concept of giving your partner “their space” is very well described over three verses. The guy (‘cause sung by Axl Rose) assures his lover that the bad things shall pass just like “The Cold November Rain!

    1. I Won’t Give Up

Artist: Jason Mraz
Year Recorded: 2012

Soulful country music and deep lyrics are always heartfelt. Alongside, Jason Mraz just knows how to deliver a breakup song that hits at the exact spots. The song is about a simple country boy who is longing and waiting for his love.

Even when they are going through a rough patch in their relationship, where the girl is ready to give up and move on, the guy keeps on saying,

“I Won’t Give Up On Us

Even If The Skies Get Rough”  

Yet, he assures her that she will always be her friend and he is grateful that they are willing to give a try.

The song is more of a request than a confession. Isn’t this what we all try? Listening to breakup songs and melodies to give hope.

    1. Goodbye To Love

Artist: The Carpenters
Year Recorded: 1972

The Carpenters were a duo of siblings who produced and recorded excellent music during the 1970s.

The song Goodbye To Love is a melody that a person says to himself/herself whenever they feel that love gave a chance and we let it pass.

It is the perfect breakup song describing the immense pain caused by the fear of falling love and commitment. Especially when you have feelings for someone and fail to confess them because you fear yourself.

The only message that the artist wants to convey is that give yourself and love a second chance.

“You never know, it might take away the fear of being loved.” Just something to think about.

    1. Everything I Do (I Do It For You)

Artist: Bryan Adams
Year Recorded: 1992

This song and artist do not require an introduction. Everything I Do (I Do It for You) is the Rock Song of the Year, 1992. It is an all-time classic soft rock song by the Canadian singer, Bryan Adams.

This breakup song touched the hearts of millions when he recited, “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”; a simple statement that throws light into the retrospective of every failed as well as a successful relationship.

Bryan Adams knows how to touch the hearts with the power of vocals and soulful bass guitar chords. It is a very difficult skill, yet, in this song, he did is quite subtly. A melody that is surely a remedy.

    1. She

Artist: Elvis Costello
Year Recorded: 1999

She is a song from the playlist of classic 1999 film, Notting Hill.

The film is a masterpiece in the chich-flick category. Nonetheless, this musical marvel is the one that sets the tone right for the climax of the film. She makes the eyes wet when Elvis Costello sings the lines:

“She maybe the reason I survive

The why and wherefore I’m alive

The meaning of my life is


The song in the film is picturized on Hugh Grant when Julia Roberts leaves him. This song is beautifully sung and positioned perfectly in the film. She is for sure one of the best breakup songs in a motion picture.

    1. Hurt

Artist: Christina Aguilera
Year Recorded: 2006

Hurt by Christina Aguilera is a pop song from 2006. It covers the genre of losing love. Besides, the core emotion is feeling guilty at the vision of instant introspection giving nostalgia of the relationship.

The lyrics to this song are very powerful and sentimental. When you listen to this song for the first time, you will realize that it is the exact emotion you once felt.

Spoiler Alert – The music video has a relationship more powerful and pure than those of two lovers. The lyrics,

“I would hold you in my arms

I would take the pain away

Thank you for all you’ve done

Forgive all your mistakes

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

To hear your voice again

Sometimes I wanna call you

But I know you won’t be there”  

Get a different dimension when you realize these are the words of an open letter by a daughter who has just received the news that her father has died. Hits hard, doesn’t it?

    1. Angel

Artist: Aerosmith
Year Recorded: 1987

All of us have been through a bad phase of our life and in that phase, there is just one person who sticks by our side. Well, Angel by Aerosmith is a song that exactly describes why we need a person on whom we can rely for our emotional needs.

Besides, it turns out that the same person becomes our Godsent without whom we cannot live. It might be your partner, parents, best friend or even a guest appearance in the film called “Life”. Nonetheless, that person is surely the Angel who saves us every day.

Angel by Aerosmith reminds us that even after a heavy loss, the loved ones are going to be with us.

But it hurts us the most when that Godsent departs our life. Still, there’s a silver lining to it, they taught us how to live and be happy, especially during the darkest times. One of the most prominent breakup songs of the Hair Band Era in Rock Music.

    1. Take Me Home, Country Roads

Artist: John Denver
Year Recorded: 1971

A classic 1971 country song by John Denver which gained him a spot in Grammy Hall of Fame.

‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ is a simple song describing West Virginia, a state in the USA.

Why is Country Roads on the list of breakup songs?

Well, the answer is quite simple, the lyrics of this breakup song proficiently describes the state of the heart and mind. Continuous distress, uneasiness, and the brutal feeling of being cold & aloof. At this point, the only solution is to go home. The warmest place to find solace, peace, and happiness.

The line that instantly touches the heart,

“Take me home, country roads

To the place I belong.”

As written by L. Frank Baum in The Wizard of Oz,

There is no place like home.

The chance to reconnect with our family is the silver lining of this breakup song. Besides, who can provide better emotional support than family? We stick together through thick and thin and always find a solution for all the problems.

    1. Coming Back To Life

Artist: Pink Floyd
Year Recorded: 1994

Pink Floyd is famous for its psychedelic music, extravagant concerts and deep lyrics. It is one of the most influential pop-rock music group.

Pink Floyd’s Coming Back To Life is an evergreen track. It features on our list of breakup songs just for the opening line:

Where were you when I was burnt and broken

It leaves you in a state of awe.

However, the silver lining is the title line

I knew the moment had arrived…
For killing the past and coming back to life.

This is the case of every breakup, after a certain period of mourning; we eventually realize that is time to come back to life. This is when we start focusing our energy on a single concentration point.

    1. Norwegian Wood

Artist: The Beatles
Year Recorded: 1965

No matter how great of a stud you think you are, yet, you must have been left High and Dry at least once. And by High and Dry, I don’t just mean sexually, I am also considering the ignorance of emotional needs which are far more superior to the physical needs.

When there is heartbreak, the best thing to do is laugh it off. It is exactly what the Fab 4 said via Norwegian Wood. Many of you might be wondering, what is Norwegian Wood? Well, Norwegian Wood is a phrase coined to denote when a guy is left high and dry by his partner.

Commonly in India, it is known as KLPD.

The Silver Lining is that even when you are left High and Dry, it is the best to laugh it off. It surely is a joyful breakup song.

    1. Paradise City

Artist: Guns N’ Roses
Year Recorded: 1987

Paradise City by Guns N’ Roses is a classic rock song. This track perfectly suits any boy’s break up. The song tells you that after a breakup, there are ample opportunities to explore.

Take me down to the Paradise City

Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty

Take me home (Oh won’t you please take me home)

Here, take me home has two meanings; one being actual home, where we feel comfortable and cosy. And the second one is a metaphor to a place where everything is blissful without any restrictions. Indeed, Paradise City is a song that surely helps in eyeing the silver linings of a breakup.

    1. What We Live For

Artist: American Author
Year Recorded: 2016

The song is not a breakup song. Instead, it the best track while travelling. It is energetic, fun and highly positive. Ask any traveller, What We Live For shall be at number 1 on his/her playlist.

A pop-rock song that is quite popular amongst travellers and vloggers. However, the music video of this song is the reason for featuring it on this list.

The music video of this song starts at the funeral where his girlfriend asks the attendees to take him to the grave just like he lived his life, happily and freely. That my friends, is Silver Lining, living life on your terms and making a destiny for yourself.

It is one of those breakup songs that gives nostalgia of the amazing road trips with your partner.

    1. Like A Rolling Stone

Artist: Bob Dylan
Year Recorded: 1965

Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone is a gem in the music industry. It is a classic rock song composed and recorded in the year 1965 that sought outs to be one of the best self-help songs I have ever listened to.

It is a breakup song with amazing melody making you feel that life is not at all bad. We all have our fair share of ups and downs. The song starts with the nostalgia of making mistakes and being a free bird without responsibilities. Then, everything takes a turn when you have nothing in this world. It ends on a high note saying hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

    1. Lost Stars

Artist: Adam Levine
Year Recorded: 2014

Lost Stars is recorded by Adam Levine for the album V. The song also features in the film, Begin Again.

The song Lost Stars has all the emotions required to feel love and see that there is so much more to life than love. And, everything positive lies within us. Yet, when someone leaves, we are heartbroken. We always forget that we are more than we think. Ultimately, we are Lost Stars.

The Silver Linings of this breakup song is the chorus line.

“But are we all just Lost Stars, trying to light up the dark?”

    1. Desert Rose

Artist: Sting
Year Recorded: 1999

Desert Rose is a perfect combination of pop and adult contemporary music. The soundtrack is highly seductive with glimpses of psychedelic tunes. The lyrics and shrill voice of Sting give the emotional factor that makes Desert Rose an all-time favourite.

This breakup song consists of a peculiar metaphor, a rose shall bloom in the desert. Sting narrates how he hopes that someday, God will perform a miracle and without fail he shall notice it. Besides, the lyrics of the chorus gave me chills even when I listened to this song for the thousandth time.

In simpler words, the song is about lost love and longing. Thus, once the “longing” period is over, you come out stronger. Nonetheless, it can work either way; first, the waiting pays off and your lover comes to you; or you learn to be patient with a never-quitting attitude. In both scenarios, it is a win-win situation.

    1. Not Today

Artist: Imagine Dragons
Year Recorded: 2016

Not Today is an Imagine Dragons song for the feature film, Me Before You.

The lyrics of this song simply lets us know that breakups are bad, but it is going to get better.

“It’s gonna get easier and easier somehow

But Not Today!”

It determines that healing is a process, which shall take time. It is not an instant fix. Falling in love has its timing, staying in love requires time and getting over love works at its own pace.

There is just one thing to take care of, don’t lose yourself to be someone else’s idea of perfection. Try to be better, but, do not try to be someone you are not.

Life functions at its speed and pushing might seem more efforts, but it is a pure waste of time and energy. Instead, doing something fruitful and productive shall be beneficial in the long run. So, when the longing ends, you do not regret the time wasted.

    1. Hope

Artist: The Chainsmokers
Year Recorded: 2018

Hope by The Chainsmokers is a pop song recorded in 2018. It is one of the very few breakup songs on this list on which you can dance. In fact, I came across this song in one of the dance classes which I took a year ago.

This song is a melodious track with painful lyrics and truthful voice which suggests that we all have been in Love, but, no one really knows what love is. In the end, it is nothing more than just hope.

Well, we can try and be cynical, but, at the end of the day, all of us want to feel happy and smile seeing the most beautiful face by our side.

    1. Every Breath You Take

Artist: The Police
Year Recorded: 1985

Before Sting went to become one of the most famous artists of the 1990s, he was the lead singer of the pop band, The Police.

Every Breath You Take is one of the most played breakup songs of all time. A beautiful arrangement of instruments, a sass in Sting’s voice, and deep lyrics make this song one of the best of 1980s. However, when released initially, the song gained popularity for its music video.

Now, I know, in 2020; nobody likes to watch a video with simple transitions in black and white motion. But, in the 80s; it was a big deal. The video became so popular, that it was played frequently on MTV and VH1.

Also, many critics and music lovers claim Every Breath You Take to be the best breakup song ever. And, why not? The song significantly describes everyone’s psychological condition after a breakup.

    1. Affection

Artist: Cigarettes After Sex
Year Recorded: 2015

Affection by Cigarettes After Sex is perhaps the only song featuring ambient music on this list. Although it is one of the most famous pop songs of the 2010s; the lyrics and soulful music make you feel the nostalgia of love.

This pop breakup song is one of the favourites amongst the teen and youth today as the lyrics are simple to understand, and the chorus line is sung well. So well, that it hits the right spot in the mind to make the heart feel.

Surely, giving all the nostalgia about the relationship and the importance of your partner when you feel that everything is over. Nonetheless, it is just the moment when you realize that the storm has passed. All you must do is hold your partner’s hand hope for the best.

    1. Strangers In The Night

Artist: Frank Sinatra
Year Recorded: 1966

I do not think that any song can give you a better nostalgia/remembrance of the first time you met your partner/spouse. A B-side track which was recorded way back in 1966 by Frank Sinatra, this song itself has its own nostalgia.

I know it seems a bit odd to mention Strangers In The Night on a list of breakup songs. But, the memory of eyeing your lover for the first time never fades.

The song simply describes how a couple meets, and what are the things that they do when see each other for the first time. I pick up one other message from this song, you only need a glance to realize that he/she is the one, and then everything will fall into the right place.

Strangers in the Night is a must-listen for all you millennial out there, a pleasantly soothing song which reminds us that love is not all bad. Well, it did make me realize that you do not need to take several chances, sometimes, a single “Hello” is all it takes.

    1. With Or Without You

Artist: U2
Year Recorded: 1987

U2’s With or Without You is a classic soft rock song explaining the feeling of longing for the loved one, perhaps, for the one as well. Why this song does give the Nostalgia of Love?

The peculiar feeling of longing and waiting for love that makes you the happiest & sad at the same time.

When you see her, you are happy, but, when you realize that you can just talk; neither hug her nor embrace her, and that makes you sad. But it still gives you something; something so strong and powerful that all the worldly pleasures seem rather not-so-required.

So, listen to this breakup song and give yourself hope to your lover that you’ll wait. That you will be together through thick and thin. And, once in a while tell her how you feel.

    1. Let Her Go

Artist: Passenger
Year Recorded: 2012

Let Her Go by Passenger is a soulful song reminding you of all the lovely moments shared by you and your former lover. Right from holding hands to the moment where it all went wrong or at least start to go wrong. It does bring back the memories, both good and bad, but, does make you feel what it was that made it all so special.

Let Her Go is a breakup song that shall make you cry for losing the most valuable thing. This melody gives you a wide perspective and transposes you to all the memories which were never recorded but exist in the back of your head. A love song, unlike another, a breakup song, the one makes you try for the one last time.

    1. Last Christmas

Artist: WHAM!
Year Recorded: 1986

Last Christmas by WHAM! is one of the most romantic breakup songs. It is a peculiar breakup song which for some odd reason makes you smile. This breakup song reminds us that breakups must not be bad. In fact, sometimes, it is good to see your former lover after a long gap. This makes you realize that the past was special but, the present is much better. Lastly, sometimes things do not work out for a reason.

The tale is of two couples who did spend happy times when they were together. However, for some reasons they drifted apart. The opening lyrics of the song do seem cold, yet the entire piece is packed with love, emotions and pop music that perfectly defines a romantic breakup song.

In the music video of this song, the former lovers are on a weekend trip with their current partners and still feel the nostalgia of the Last Christmas. This nostalgia makes them steal a glance at each other and share one of the purest smiles. It is this moment which makes us realize that happiness of the other person matters more than you two staying together.

Last Christmas was recorded in 1986 and turned out to be the highest-selling Christmas song of the decade and one of the most popular Christmas songs ever.

    1. Hotel California

Artist: Eagles
Year Recorded: 1976

When a song is Grammy Song of the Year 1976, it is bound to be one of the best tracks of all time. Hotel California is a classic rock song by Eagles that gives us the nostalgia of being trapped in a place. Often this trap seems to haunt us, but, then we start adapting to the situations and turn warm towards it; we make ourselves cosy.

I do not know why this track is on the list of breakup songs. But, for some quirky reason, it makes me remind of the one who got away. Well, these are the exact lyrics of the final verse of Hotel California

We are programmed to receive
You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave

So, I guess, it is as simple as we all can move on from a breakup but, never get over the feeling of loving our partner. It is just too difficult to forget someone that means everything to you, once in a while we always rush back.

    1. Summer of ’69

Artist: Bryan Adams
Year Recorded: 1984

Summer of ’69 is perhaps the most hit record by Bryan Adams. Every millennial has heard this pop-rock track at least once in their life. The perfect composition of pop music on rock instruments made this track evergreen.

Why Nostalgia of Love? Well, do not let the title confuse you, 69 with an apostrophe is not the year in the song’s context. It means sex position 69. And it surely gives nostalgia; the remembrance of the good old days, when physical intimacy was trying different things.

Well, this is a good ol’ track talking about the emotions of being a teenager. The big dreams and ambitions of high school kids are relatable to Summer of ’69. And, when you are living in 1984, letters, prom night pictures and a memory of the first kiss were all to weep over. Trust me, stalking was difficult in those days, unlike scrolling through your ex’s profile on Facebook in Incognito mode.

The lyrics that give me reminiscence are:

Oh, when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah, I’d always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

Indeed, Summer of ’69 is one of the best breakup songs to hear.

    1. Chasing Cars

Artist: Snow Patrol
Year Recorded: 2006

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol is a rock song produced and recorded in 2006. The song talks about how promises were made and broken, yet there is always a question: What will happen if we are together once again?

A never-ending reminiscence which was valid then as well as today. The singer keeps on asking the same question again and again, would you do the same things once again? If the answer is yes, then their love was true, and if it is a No, then they were never even supposed to be together.

Chasing Cars is just a metaphor in this breakup song resembling all the activities that a couple engages in love. Not exactly nostalgia but takes us back in time when we were fools in love. Well, that is life, we spend some time doing nonsense stuff, and still end up in the right place at the right time.

    1. Fool Again

Artist: Westlife
Year Recorded: 1999

Fool Again is a track by the Irish rock band, Westlife from 1999. It was released in the spring of the change of millennial. This breakup song mentions one simple thing, “How did I allow myself to be a fool again? When I knew everything you said was a lie!” This pop-rock track throws a simple message with a deep meaning. It hits us to the core and involuntary tears start to flow from the eyes.

The song makes you realize the mistakes you made and helps you be a stronger person. There are many other tracks by Westlife that shall be useful during the heartbreak time, but nothing can give you as much clarity as Fool Again. 

    1. Wish You Were Here

Artist: Pink Floyd
Year Recorded: 1975

The opening line of this masterpiece following a minute of classic rock prelude is eccentric and touches to the most sentimental emotions:

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?

The meaning of these lyrics is deep, plus the feeling of the exquisite psychedelic music with powerful bass makes Wish You Were Here a perfect breakup song.

    1. Are You Lonesome Tonight

Artist: Elvis Presley
Year Recorded: 1960

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley did have a style. During his initial years in the music industry, he recorded a lot of songs to relish about, like Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock and Love Me Tender. He grew to instant fame with these classic Rock and Roll tracks that are popular even to this day.

During his later years, he started composing and recording songs which were inclined towards the soft-rock and pop genre. Are You Lonesome Tonight is one of the breakup songs that makes you feel comfortable. All you require is nothing more than a warm cup of tea in the bed and a blanket wrapped around the shoulders.

Elvis Presley beautifully describes the role of every human in each other’s life. The songwriters, Lou Handman & Roy Turk have wonderfully described William Shakespeare’s Seven Stages of Man. Mentioning that when a role is over, one is either supposed to assure the comeback or ask to drop down the curtains. Just something that every healing heart is looking for in a breakup song and relationship.

    1. Wake Me Up When September Ends

Artist: Green Day
Year Recorded: 2004

Wake Me Up When September Ends is an alternative rock song by American Band, Green Day. The track was recorded in 2003 and released in 2004. It is one of my favourite breakup songs of all time. It is a magical song, whether you believe in love or not; nonetheless, this song will make you feel.

The song has very deep meaning for the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Billie Joe Armstrong. The song holds importance in his life because he dedicates this song to his father who passed away when he was a kid in September.

So, yes, it does heal a curing heart: “Wake Me Up When September Ends” has a deep meaning than just some words recorded on a disc with rock music. These are emotions straight from the heart.

    1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Artist: The Beatles
Year Recorded: 1968

I believe it is unfair to leave out The Beatles from a list of emotional songs. Alongside, While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a melodious track with minimal music and maximum lyrics. The words have the power to give Goosebumps.

The songwriter & lead guitarist of the Fab 4, George Martin wrote this song based on the internal conflict within the band members upon their return from India.

This breakup song is soothing with sounds majorly from guitar and harmony. The lyrics of the song resemble every broken relationship where one person realizes that everything is going down the drain and the other one chooses to be in that drain (This is completely my interpretation). The concept is clear: Heal yourself on your own or else there are people waiting to hurt again.

With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still, my guitar gently weeps.

    1. Hotline Bling

Artist: Drake
Year Recorded: 2015

Hotline Bling by Drake is one of the most relevant breakup songs. The lyrics speak about a guy who is done being the last resort. He is through being the second option to his longing love. The theme of this R&B song focuses on Drake’s lover treating him like one of the Hotline (Calling for a hot time).

All we need to learn from this song is that people change, and they will make full use of the things that you have taught them. So, it is better to let go rather than holding on. This is another classic where Drake cries, once again.

    1. Hello

Artist: Adele
Year Recorded: 2015

Adele, often regarded as the British Queen of Soul has a mystical voice which plucks the chords in your heart and makes them match the rhythm of love and compassion with ease.

Hello by Adele is a breakup song that transposes you to the time when everything was perfect in the relationship. However, due to one thing or another, it went down the hill. We, humans, tend to first act, then think and later regret. In that remorse, we always seek out to make things right, at least I do. Besides, the best way to rectify the error is to undo. Since there is no option for CTRL+Z in life, there is always a possibility of starting over. Hence, the best rectification is by communicating. All you must do is pick up the phone, dial, and talk.

    1. Wrecking Ball

Artist: Miley Cyrus
Year Recorded: 2013

Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus is probably the most famous breakup song on this list. This track talks about the intense wrath we all experience when we go through a breakup. Although we do feel that our anger is a real wrecking ball, it is no more than a metaphor. It suggests that unless you focus all your negative energy in giving it a positive turnaround; you are a wrecking ball for yourself.

Well, I don’t know whether this is the intent of this breakup song, but I like to perceive with this sense. It is much better to heal ourselves than wrecking another person’s life & emotions.

And if you cannot give a turnaround to anger, it is the best to swallow it. Trust me, after a couple of months, you will not be able to remember the reason for pointless wrath.

Some of the best methods to channel anger are shouting in a void, working out, and performing arts (dancing, singing, acting, cooking etc.) are some of the best methods.

    1. Here Without You

Artist: 3 Doors Down
Year Recorded: 2002

Here Without You by 3 Doors Down is an excellent pop-rock song. The lyrics and setting of this song scream the post-breakup phase. Thus, making it one of the most important breakup songs on this list.

The first time I listened to track in Goal! II: Living The Dream movies. The placement of this song in the film gave me the inception to mention this song as one of the best breakup songs. The setting of the song in the film is impeccable. The lead, Santiago Muñez’s girlfriend has left him because of a stupid mistake. He pleads to her, but she does not want to listen to any apologies. Thus, the setting defines as a breakup.

A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time I saw your pretty face

The lyrics mentioned above are the opening lines of a rock song without any instruments. The song is not about longing love or breakup; it’s just about a feeling which is more than love that demands. Sometimes love is as simple as seeing the face of your partner and feel joy.

So, wait for the person who will be a Godsent in the form of a human.

    1. Can’t help falling in love

Artist: Elvis Presley
Year Recorded: 1961

Can’t help falling in love is the second track on our list by The King, Elvis Presley. Again, a work of his later years when he does not want anyone to give up on love. Although Can’t help falling in love is one of the most romantics songs, it can prove to be a powerful breakup song. This song made me understand that you cannot help love. All you can do is learn to stay with it.

The song suggests that love is a feeling that knows no time and planning. Probably, that is the reason for it to be abstract.

Elvis Presley beautifully sings that it is not wrong to fall in love and stay in it. The lyrics of the song suggest whenever you feel like giving up on love, do not do it. If you quit, then you have lost; it is as simple as this.


This concludes our list of Top 40 Breakup Songs of All Time. Do let us know if we have missed any of the breakup songs that deserve to on this list in the comments below.

The list and interpretation of the list are all from the authors perspective. 

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