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10 Travel Essential Before Going to Study Abroad

When you start packing travel essential for your study abroad, it is fascinating, but with time it becomes overwhelming, as you will not have many ideas about the place you are going to. But in this tech-savvy world, it has become easier to search about the weather, restaurants, and cuisines at your destination. Besides, transportation and conveyance information is easily available for respective cities.

It will come to your mind to make a complete packing rulebook. But trust me, it will not help you much as every travel and every place is different and your requirements there will be unique in every sense you can imagine. In packing for your travel essentials, personal preferences play a significant role. For example, for some, it will be a waste of storage to carry a blow dryer, but for some model, it might be a necessity.

Here is a list of the top 10 travel essential you will need before your higher studies abroad.

  • Portable charger

It is an essential item in this digital world, especially when electronic devices have become a crucial part of their lives. To stay in contact with your friends and family during travel, you shall need a portable charger everywhere you go. Nowadays, aeroplanes also have an in-built charging facility. If not, then yours will come in handy.

  • Universal power adapter

If you are going to Europe, the power outlets might cause difficulty, and you will be forced to stop using your gadgets. It would be helpful if you go for a universal adapter as most countries have different power outlets which will not be compatible with your device. The universal adapter comes with dual USB ports and built-in fuse protection, which will help in protecting your devices in the respective foreign city.

  • Smartphone

We spoke about charger and adapter; then how can we leave behind the most important gadget of all – our smartphones. Mobile devices have become a part of oneself, and no one can deny this fact. Wherever we go, we carry our smartphones there. We have become much habituated with the presence of these devices. In another country, our smartphones will be our only true friend initially. It will help us navigate through the streets, reach destinations on time, help in scheduling our classes and remind us about the project work. It will help us in every step we take.

Here, smartphone addiction plays a pivotal role. And not by watching Netflix, but for utilizing some of the basic scheduling and organizational features on the phone.

  • Tech-devices

It will include all other tech devices like laptops, gaming consoles if you are a gamer at heart, a kindle if you are a reader and all other gadgets like power banks. Laptops are handy in meetings, classes, online courses or watching a movie in your free time.

  • Travel oriented apps

There are innumerous travel apps in the market today which will help you in your travel. These apps will assist you in planning your trip, even if it is a study trip. Some of the apps that you can take help include the following:

    • TripIt – travel planner
    • Sygic travel maps offline
    • Goibibo
    • Tripadvisor

Each of these apps possesses unique features. For instance, Sygic travel maps will give you an outstanding feature of offline maps. In a foreign city, maps are of great importance, especially when visiting the city for the first time. You can even go for a physical map to carry, but it will be much more convenient to travel with digital offline maps.

  • Backpack

Travel light and travel hassle-free with a light backpack on your shoulder. It will help you carry all your travel essential in one place. You cannot put small ready use, in minutes things in travel bags. A backpack or any small handbag will be with you all time during your journey. Let us say you have a backpack. Then you will be able to put your adapter, power bank, books etc. in it, ready to be used anytime. Have the following items in your backpack ready to be used.

    • Lightweight raincoat
    • Snacks
    • Deodorant
    • Umbrella for emergency use like in rain or scorching heat depending upon your location
    • Earphones
    • Essential medicines to be used in an emergency like Savlon for any minor cuts, PCM tablets, tablets for stomachache, and headache.
  • Travel journal

It is a gift to you if you love to write about your trip. Using this gift to correct use will help you make great memories and then revisit those memories later. You can improve your travel writing by writing daily and getting motivation from the smallest of things. Even if you do not feel like writing, write at least one page about your travels on that day. This shall help you in setting disciplined behaviour and improve your creativity. Besides, it is essential to accord your travel regularly.

  • Snacks

Put some snacks from home in your backpack for satiating your hunger while you are travelling. It is a must as you might not realize it, but in travelling, a lot of energy will be invested, having some healthy snack with you will come to your help.

  • Personal care products and toiletries

Always carry your sun protection cream with you. Additionally, if you are a woman, you would also like to have some makeup boxes, moisturizer, eye cream, night cream, and other personal care essentials, including feminine products like sanitary pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. You might initially face any issue in getting your desired products in another country, so it is better to travel with them firsthand. For boys, it is important to carry your beard care products, soaps, hair trimmer, shaving kit and several pairs of socks.

Carry your toiletries like your personal shampoo, soap, with yourself. It would help if you had enough towels to use for bathing and hand washing.

  • Comfortable shoes and clothes

It a good practice to travel in comfortable shoes and clothes. As travelling might be 12 hours long and you will be in your seat throughout, it must be comfortable. While taking classes, you would want to wear comfortable pants and shirts, or t-shirts rather than uncomfortable clothes. If you aim for a job abroad, keep professional clothing ready with you for the interviews. Alongside, do not forget to pack a formal blazer for presentations, formal outings like orientation, club meetings etc. We never know the cost of fashion in any city in the world. So, it is better to carry a tailored blazer, formal shirts, and trousers.


Thus, travel essential like the ones mentioned above will help you while your study continues abroad. The list can never be enough. But you need to customize your list according to your needs, and you are ready to travel abroad for your further studies.

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